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Vithas is a well known hospital located on the boulevard of Marbella, spain. Vithas group consists of 19 hospitals and 31 medical assistance centres spread all over Spain. Making them one of them leading players in the Spanish healthcare

Vithas behind the scenes in operation room




Production, Marketing, Branding, Webdesign




Vithas commissioned us to produce a comprehensive showcase of their hospital in Costa del Sol, Spain. We focused on ensuring that Vithas had a positive experience throughout the production process. Our team created a wealth of content, including high-quality videos and photographs, which were designed to enhance their website and provide valuable information to their clients. This content was crafted to highlight the hospital’s facilities, services, and the quality of care they offer, thereby supporting Vithas in their goal to engage and inform both potential and existing patients.


Vithas aimed to expand their reach to Norwegian clients and tasked us with their marketing campaign in Norway. To introduce this already well-established brand to the international stage, we tailored our marketing strategies specifically for the Norwegian audience. We implemented a mix of targeted digital marketing campaigns, including social media advertisements, SEO optimizations to increase visibility in Norwegian search results, and collaborations with Norwegian health influencers. This comprehensive approach was designed to build awareness and familiarity with Vithas among potential Norwegian patients, positioning the brand as a top choice for those seeking healthcare services abroad.


We undertook the branding of Vithas hospitals in Norway, aiming to craft visually appealing and effective advertisements targeted at Norwegian clients. To broaden the reach and enhance the impact, we also designed multiple flyers and brochures. These materials were meticulously crafted to resonate with the local culture and health care needs, ensuring they were both informative and attractive. Distribution was strategically planned to maximize visibility and engagement in areas frequented by potential clients, thereby increasing Vithas’s brand presence and recognition within the Norwegian market.


Vithas expressed the need for a dedicated webpage to streamline the process for Norwegian clients traveling to Spain for healthcare services. In response, we designed a beautiful, user-friendly landing page specifically aimed at the Norwegian market. This page was optimized with Norwegian SEO practices to ensure high visibility in search engine results and was crafted with a deep understanding of Norwegian healthcare consumer behavior. We incorporated elements that would appeal directly to the Norwegian audience, such as clear, informative content and user-centric design principles. This strategic approach enabled us to deliver exactly the product Vithas envisioned, facilitating easier access for Norwegian clients seeking medical services in Spain.
Vithas hospital in Costa del Sol

Client review of our collaboration

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