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Marbesa 94 is a big construction project in the south coast of spain in Costa del Sol. Norwegian excellence mixed with the spanish beauty come together in 3 top notch luxury villa's. The villa's had to be build up from zero and we helped making this process as smooth as possible

Marbesa villa Sirena 3D model


Marbesa Villa’s


Webdesign, 3D Modeling, Production, Marketing




Marbella Villas required a website to market their luxury properties, so we created an impressive webpage for them. As a standout presence in the Costa del Sol region, Marbella Villas quickly became the premier destination for constructing and purchasing luxury villas in Costa del Sol. This enhanced their reputation and visibility, attracting discerning buyers looking for exclusive real estate in this prestigious area.

3D Modeling

Marbella Villas expressed a need for 3D models of their upcoming properties to showcase and sell to potential clients. In response, we crafted exquisite 3D models that effectively highlight the unique features and luxurious aesthetics of each villa. These models are versatile and can be displayed across various platforms, providing potential buyers with a detailed, immersive preview of their future homes. This approach not only enhances the sales process but also helps clients make informed decisions by visualizing their investment before it’s built.


Marbella Villas required assistance in marketing their properties within Spain. Leveraging our fluency in both Norwegian and Spanish, we were ideally positioned to bridge cultural and linguistic gaps. We developed a comprehensive marketing package tailored for Marbella Villas, designed to maximize client outreach. This package included targeted advertising, digital marketing strategies, and personalized promotional materials that effectively communicated the allure and value of their luxury villas to a diverse audience. This strategic approach ensured optimal visibility and appeal in the competitive Spanish real estate market.


While the villas were under construction, our client requested that we create productions to showcase the properties to potential buyers. We produced a detailed visual presentation, highlighting every aspect of the properties to provide an optimal viewing experience for prospective clients. This production included high-resolution images and video tours that meticulously displayed the architectural elegance and interior design of the villas. Our aim was to convey a sense of luxury and exclusivity, ensuring that potential buyers could fully appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of their prospective homes before completion.
Marbella Villa 3C Estrella

Client review of our collaboration

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