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MAEX is a big dentist chain located in Spain. For this specific dentistery we travelled down to Costa del Sol in Spain. This dentistery is specialised in certain operations that are unthinkable for normal dentists. It's the perfect excuse for a small holiday to Costa del Sol

MAEX dentistery Behind The Scenes




Webdesign, Production, Marketing




MAEX approached us with a unique request: they needed a webpage tailored for Norwegian clients planning to travel to Spain for dental services, combined with an enjoyable holiday. In response, we designed a visually stunning landing page specifically crafted to cater to this niche. The page not only highlights the dual benefits of combining dental care with a vacation but also seamlessly integrates essential information with attractive design elements to ensure an engaging user experience. This strategic approach effectively communicates the unique value proposition MAEX offers to its clients.


MAEX required a comprehensive media production of their clinic located in Costa del Sol, Spain. Our team traveled to the site to fulfill their specific needs. We produced a series of high-quality videos and multimedia content, designed to showcase the clinic’s facilities and services. This suite of productions was created with the dual purpose of enhancing their online presence and providing MAEX with a robust library of content. This content could be strategically used for updates and promotional purposes across their website and social media platforms, ensuring they could maintain a dynamic and engaging online presence.


MAEX was focused on expanding their audience in Norway and required a specialized marketing strategy to achieve this goal. We devised a comprehensive plan tailored to introduce and establish the Spanish company within the Norwegian market. This strategy included targeted advertising, cultural adaptation of their messaging to resonate with Norwegian sensibilities, and strategic partnerships with local influencers and healthcare bloggers. Additionally, we utilized digital campaigns across social media and search engines to enhance visibility and engagement, ensuring that MAEX’s unique offerings were prominently showcased to the Norwegian audience.
MAEX personel discussing with eachother

Client review of our collaboration

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