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GV-Entertainment - Masters in eventhosting and throwing a party

Ready for fun with GV Entertainment? In Spain, enjoy tapas, flamenco, and sangria-fueled shenanigans. In Norway, take a Viking helmet for fjord festivities, live music, and lutefisk laughter. Experience unforgettable nights filled with dancing, delicious food, and endless laughs in these vibrant, exciting destinations! Join the adventure today!

What kind of events does GV hold?

The better question to ask yourself is, what kind of events does GV NOT hold. From corporate events to marriages and from fashion shows to music festivals. We have hosted a wide range of events with lots of positivity and creativity

Where does GV hold their events
Same question can be asked again, where do we NOT hold our events. We have our own event venue in Bergen, Norway called Smien. But our headquarters in Spain hold their events in the beutifull Costa del Sol area. The perfect excuse to take a little trip to sun warm Malaga and enjoy an event.

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