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Dummi X Kamelen

Dummi feat. Kamelen 'YOUNGBOY' is among the standout hits from both artists. Kamelen is widely recognized for tracks like 'Creme De La Creme' and 'BAP.' Meanwhile, Dummi is known for 'YOUNGBOY' and 'SAMMAFAEN.' Together, these artists consistently produce exceptional music, captivating their audience with each release

Dummi X Kamelen YOUNGBOY music video script


Dummi X Kamelen


Production, Marketing, Branding




Dummi enlisted our services at GV Entertainment to produce a music video for his new track “YOUNGBOY,” featuring Kamelen. We handled all aspects of the production process, from initial concept development to the final edits. Our team was dedicated to ensuring a seamless production environment and worked closely with the artists to tailor every detail to their preferences. We prioritized artist satisfaction throughout the project, resulting in a music video that not only captured the essence of the song but also met the high standards and creative visions of both Dummi and Kamelen.


After the music video for “YOUNGBOY” was completed, the next crucial step was to market the song to ensure it reached the right audience and built a strong following. We developed a strategic marketing plan that included targeted social media campaigns, collaborations with popular music influencers, and placements on relevant music platforms. By leveraging both organic and paid advertising strategies, we aimed to maximize exposure and engage potential fans. Additionally, we utilized SEO techniques to enhance the visibility of the music video on search engines and streaming sites, helping to attract and captivate the intended demographic.


To create initial excitement and anticipation for “YOUNGBOY,” we designed an eye-catching cover that would serve as the first glimpse of the song for potential listeners. This cover was strategically crafted to reflect the song’s vibe and the personalities of Dummi and Kamelen, ensuring it would grab attention and draw in the audience.

Additionally, to build momentum leading up to the release, we created multiple sneak peeks of the song and music video. These were shared across various social media platforms and through email marketing campaigns to stir up excitement and keep the audience engaged. Each sneak peek was carefully timed and designed to tease elements of the song and visuals without giving away too much, effectively keeping the audience hyped and eager for the official launch.
Dummi X Kamelen YOUNGBOY music video

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