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Clarion Hotel

Clarion Hotel is a prestige hotel in the Bryggen dock area in Bergen. The hotel features 151 rooms, conference facilities and rooftop suites with terraces. With these amenteties it's no wonder Clarion Hotel brings joy to countless tourists and hotel visitors

Clarion hotel inside of the hotel Behind the Scenes


Clarion Hotel


Production, Marketing, Branding




Clarion Hotel Bergen sought a creatively crafted production to enhance the allure of one of their esteemed hotels. Our team delivered precisely that—an immaculate product tailored to meet Clarion Hotel’s exacting standards. Perfectly aligned with their vision, our creation proved instrumental in captivating audiences through compelling advertisements and ensuring utmost satisfaction among their esteemed clientele.


After producing the video for Clarion Hotel, we were tasked with marketing the video and devising a comprehensive plan for scheduling its postings. Our approach involved identifying optimal times and platforms for distribution to maximize viewer engagement and reach. This strategic planning ensured that the video would effectively promote Clarion Hotel’s offerings and enhance their brand visibility across various digital channels.


After completing the marketing and production phases, we progressed to the next step: branding the production and marketing materials to ensure they reached the intended audience. The strategy proved successful as our efforts resonated effectively with the target demographic.
Clarion Hotel production behind the scenes

Client review of our collaboration

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