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Big Bite

Big Bite, renowned for its freshly made sandwiches available throughout Norway, approached us for a project at their Trondheim location. To meet their needs, our team traveled to Trondheim to collaborate directly with the Big Bite staff there. We created a visually appealing product tailored for their advertising campaigns and promotional events

BigBite cashier handing over bag with food


Big Bite


Production, Marketing, Branding




Big Bite tasked us with producing photographs and videos for their website to highlight their offerings. We developed multiple production strategies to cater to varying marketing needs and ensure maximum client satisfaction. Each production featured a unique approach, showcasing Big Bite’s freshly made sandwiches in a visually compelling manner. These included high-quality, stylized photos and dynamic videos designed to engage viewers and drive traffic to their website. The diverse range of media created was tailored to enhance online presence and effectively convey the freshness and quality of Big Bite’s products to potential customers.


Big Bite enlisted our services to create a series of product photos and videos for their website. To ensure the best client satisfaction, we initiated multiple production sets, each employing a different strategy tailored to highlight the unique qualities of Big Bite’s offerings. Our approach included various thematic and stylistic elements to showcase the freshness and appeal of their sandwiches. The diverse content was designed to engage and attract customers by visually demonstrating the quality and variety available at Big Bite. This comprehensive suite of media aimed to boost online engagement and enhance the customer experience on their digital platform.


Big Bite reached out to us to create a series of product photos and videos for their website. To maximize client satisfaction, we developed multiple productions, each tailored with distinct strategies to showcase the freshness and appeal of their sandwiches. These included different settings, lighting techniques, and compositions to capture the inviting textures and vibrant ingredients of each sandwich. The videos were designed to be engaging, highlighting the preparation process and the final product in action. This multifaceted approach ensured a dynamic and attractive presentation on their website, aimed at drawing in and captivating potential customers.
BigBite cashier making a fresh sandwich

Client review of our collaboration

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